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Why does Graceland write its own ESL curriculum?

Not long after arriving in Poland, Colette and Jay realized that because they were running a school where students moved from one level to the next and just continued to stay on at Graceland, they needed more material. Wanting to stay true to their commitment to use Bible-based ESL and God-honouring texts and materials, they went in search of more curriculum. What they found was some great Bible studies in lower level English or some biblically themed grammar books in King James Version. Now there’s nothing wrong with the King James Version of the Bible or simple Bible studies, however, it just isn’t practical for helping someone with limited access to native English speakers learn how to speak in modern contemporary language and have lots of grammar practice along the way. And so, feeling completely inadequate for the job, the two set out on the adventure of a lifetime . . . studying, writing and rewriting texts that would be suitable for their students. The materials you see listed below aren’t on any curriculum best seller lists, but they have proven to be very effective for the 700 ++ students who have used them to focus on the areas where they and most foreigners struggle the most learning English.

If you, your church, school or ministry could be helped by any of the Bible themed ESL materials below, please contact us and we’d be happy to give you more information.

Each curriculum costs $70 USD and is presented in a PDF electronic copy with a set of teacher's notes where available. This material is intended for use by one teacher in a classroom and may not be given away or used for an entire school. Directors wishing to use this material for their entire school should contact: Jay Bowyer

Graceland Materials are currently being used in China, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Canada (AB, NS and PEI) and the USA.

English Curriculum

Christian ESL Curriculum

Book Clubs

Over the years, Graceland has had a variety of book clubs where students read a novel together and then discuss it, practice vocabulary usage and grammar in conjunction with the text. If you are interested in the materials that we have developed for the following books, please let us know.

TV and Movie Materials

Graceland students have always enjoyed watching TV shows and films in English. If you are interested in the way we have used film and television in the classroom, please contact us for more info.