Graceland is an outreach English ministry located in Krakow, Poland. We teach English to adults, teens and kids using Bible themed and bible based ESL curriculum.

Graceland Ministries

But Graceland is more than just an English school. Graceland is a community within the community. Our classrooms and our Espresso Yourself Café are environments where authentic relationships develop naturally. more on students

The spiritual content in the curriculum provides ample opportunity to speak openly and freely about the Bible and about students’ relationships with God all while focusing on current and relevant topics for the groups. more on curriculum

Graceland Ministries

Graceland is also a place for North Americans to come and experience living in a foreign culture whether it be for 2 weeks, a semester or a year. more on visiting Graceland

Above all else, Graceland is a place for Polish people to connect to each other, to God and to the world beyond their borders. Graceland is a catalyst that helps spring people forward from a mundane existence to seizing their divine adventure with God.