Our Team: Colette Ladan

Colette Ladan

Graceland: Do you ever get homesick for Canada?
Colette: It’s not so much for Canada as the specifics. I miss my family and seeing the changes in my nieces who now have families of their own. I miss being able to drive to the Rockies for a day and of course I miss a good hockey game! Other than that, Kraków is home.

G: What are the differences between teaching in Ciechanów and Kraków?
C: I guess the most obvious thing, is that Kraków is a city of options. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go and someone to see. Another difference would be that the people here generally have a higher level of English and so just want to hang out to Colette Ladanperfect their skills. But perhaps the most significant difference is their eagerness to talk about significant things and dig into the big questions of life.

G: What gets you out of bed in the morning?
C: For sure, it would have to be the AHA moments! When you see that lightbulb go on for a student. Those moments where learning meets understanding are the things that keep me in student mode myself. I still love to study and do research, whether it’s learning how to make a better moccha or finding a better way to bring God’s Word to life and make it applicable.

G: Tell us about this whole café thing.
C: With no full time barista, I have assumed responsibility for the café. I create the menu, experiment with new drinks and enjoy perfecting my skills.

Colette Ladan

G: Isn’t that a bit of a side-step from teaching?
C: As an ambassador for Jesus, the café gives me the perfect venue for interacting with students, learning about their families, their joys and their struggles. Ministry isn’t just the formal classroom time, it’s the sitting and hearing their story time. It’s in the learning of their story, that we can see how God is unfolding His story through them.