Other Cool Ways to be Involved

Graceland loves connecting its students to others around the world. It’s a great learning experience for everyone!

This past year has seen a successful e-pal venture between a church group from Nova Scotia and Graceland students. Those sending e-mails back and forth across the ocean are having a great time.

Polish people love post cards. Maybe you’d like to send a post card or two from places where you travel to a Graceland student?

Maybe you’d like to collect some craft items and send them to a class to do as a special project?

Maybe you’d like to be a part of a recipe exchange with some Polish students?

Maybe you’d like to become a Facebook friend with a Graceland student?

Maybe you’d like to share some of your photography or artwork with Graceland. You send us the photos or art and we’ll display them in our Espresso Yourself Café.

Maybe you’d like to send Graceland a film to watch . . . we’ll do a movie night in your name.

Whatever creative ideas come to your mind, contact us and let’s partner together!