Get Involved

Graceland welcomes visitors, interns, short-term teams and full-time workers.

More than 350 people have a deeper insight into Graceland. These are the guests, interns & short-term teams who have visited us in Poland. Arriving as individuals, groups as small as 3 or as large as 22, Graceland guests have come face to face with Polish people of all generations. Graceland MinistriesOur guests are privileged to hear the stories of our students in the classroom, café or the student’s home. Graceland’s guests get to explore Polish culture through conversations designed for significance and are able to share the hope and love of Jesus through texts and discussions tailored to go deeper.

The best time to visit Graceland is from the end of September until the end of November and then from the middle of January until the end of May. Come for 2 weeks, or a month or a semester. Some people have been known to stay a year or two!

See some of what our guests have been doing at Graceland

Use your passion to serve the people of Krakow

Here’s what some of our guests have done over the years.

  • one-on-one conversations with students aged 7-70
  • business seminars (leadership, ethics, life balance, and more)
  • special interest seminars (parenting, marriage, spirituality)
  • Bible teaching/preaching
  • teen events
  • café (barista, drama, music, special events)
  • cultural exchanges (food, music, photos, costumes, info and discussion)
  • Vacation Bible Schools/after school kids’ programmes
  • curriculum/creative writing
  • photography/videography
  • graphic design/desktop publishing
  • workshops (crafts, hobbies, cooking, scrapbooking)
  • sports and fitness
  • film and discussion nights
  • whatever your passion—within reason, come, share it with our students!