Graceland has been providing quality internship experiences for close to 20 years. Young men and women looking for an intense, intentional introduction to life and service in a foreign field need look no further.

Graceland Internships

Your internship will be:

  • during the school year, September to May.
  • one or two semesters long.
  • supervised by the senior Graceland team members who, combined, have more than 30 years of corporate business experience and more than 60 years of ministry experience.
  • coached weekly by a senior Graceland team member.
  • assessed monthly by your advisory team member with reports sent to your university internship liaison.

You will:

  • be given the opportunity to plan, create and carry out your own project(s) as determined by your university and your Graceland advisor.
  • serve alongside the Graceland team and interact with Polish people from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.
  • participate in a variety of Graceland service opportunities outside of your own project(s) so that you may experience a well-rounded perspective of cross-cultural service.
  • live and work in community with the Graceland team, sharing accommodation with another team member.
  • experience the joy and privilege of raising your own financial support (as all the Graceland team does) to help prepare you for the journey of support-raising in the future.
  • get to devote time to language acquisition, an essential component to living abroad.

Graceland has provided internships for more than 20 people from the following universities and colleges:

As well as: