What Our Students Say

What do Graceland students say about coming here?

“I come to Graceland for me. This is my time, my group, my place.” Basia Z.

“People accept me at Graceland even though I am young and sometimes stupid.” Paulina

“If Graceland didn’t exist, it would be a tragedy for me. I have learned so much here.” Angelika

“I am happy that Graceland is a place where I can bring my baby with me to class.” Basia M.

“I came because my daughter is always talking about her English school. Now it’s my English school too.” Jacek

“Graceland is a place where I can speak about God. I don’t do this very well in my own language, I think I am better at it in English.” Dana

“I’ve been to every language school in the area, I never stayed more than 2 weeks. Graceland is unique and I love it here.” Jola

“We need to open more Graceland locations in Krakow so that more people can experience this school with soul.” Adam