Graceland Students

Our Students

Who are the Graceland students?

69 % adults between the ages of 19 and 60 (with the majority in the 28-40 age range.)
20% children between the ages of 7-12
11% teenagers ages 13-18

It should be no surprise that the highest percentage of attendees is adults. Graceland’s mandate has always been and will continue to be to engage business people (and their families) through English classes, cultural and business events, discussion groups, Bible studies and a lively café environment.

Our students are well educated with 90% holding a Master’s Degree. We also have a number of students who have their Ph.D. in their particular field, and we have 2 University Professors who attend classes. Many of our students are business managers or entrepreneurs who own their own business.

Graceland Students

But what we’ve discovered is that our students aren’t looking for an academic environment, they are looking for a place to be themselves, where their title, degree or position has no bearing on how they are accepted. They come to Graceland, because it’s their place to relax, their community to engage with and their safe haven to bring their family and friends.

Graceland isn’t a fad or the flavour of the month among the Krakow language schools, 17% of our students have been with us 6 semesters or more. 50% of our students have been with us 4 semesters or more. Once they come, they stay unless their work or family situation takes them elsewhere.

What do our students say about Graceland?