Short Term Teams

People often ask, “Will a 2 week visit really make a difference? Wouldn’t it be better to just send my money?”

Graceland doesn’t deny needing financial donations, but we also have 12 years of experience in hosting individuals and teams from North America and the UK (more than 250 guests have passed through our classrooms). If it were just one team, perhaps the impact wouldn’t be as visible, but during the average school year (September to May) Graceland usually hosts 4-6 teams. Each team participates in outreach whether it is through teaching (English, Bible studies, business courses etc) being discussion partners, serving in the café, hosting a special event (crafts, cooking, sports, etc) or cultural programme (music, regional food, photos etc). One team builds upon another and students receive a wonderfully diverse cultural and language experience all while hearing the same message of love and hope in Jesus Christ. Our students love visiting teams.

One visiting pastor recently said, “I don’t see individual members of my own congregation as often as I’ve seen these students in the past two weeks. I feel I know more about some of these students than people I’ve known for years at home. This is an amazing place for making a connection and going deeper.”

Another man commented, “I had a deeper conversation with that student than I have with most of the guys in my small group at home . . . and I just met him for the first time tonight. The curriculum just makes it so easy to get into significant conversation.”