Our Passion

Graceland MinistriesJesus was irresistible and so the crowds gathered around Him. People gave up food and shelter just to follow Him to His next teaching spot. He had to slip away quietly in order to have a moment’s peace. He is still irresistible today . . . and we are His ambassadors.

Graceland believes in giving our best to build the kind of irresistible community that Jesus built to attract believers, seekers and skeptics alike. Those far from God will come when they see that we are authentic, sincere, and here to serve for the long-haul.

Graceland MinistriesWe intend to be so irresistible that people will be eager to hear about the ONE who motivates us, and ultimately decide to become His followers as well. We want to be THE place where Polish people want to engage and where North Americans want
to serve.