Our History

Graceland MinistriesPioneered in 1998 by two Canadian business women, Colette Ladan and Jay Bowyer; Graceland was born out of an invitation to teach English to middle class business people in Ciechanów, Poland. More than a decade later, the work continues in Kraków using God honouring, Biblically focused materials.

Over the years, 22 Graceland language coaches have taught more than 750 students and many of these students have come to accept the life-giving message of the Gospel. The use of stories such as the life of Joseph, various parables and even the classic; Robinson Crusoe give the language coaches the opportunity to talk about real faith issues in real life situations. Graceland Ministries Students also get the grammar they need for their language acquisition since the Graceland team write and develop their own curriculum for various levels: high beginner right on up through advanced.

Graceland has also become quite proficient in hosting cultural exchanges. More than 350 short-term guests from North America, ordinary people like you, have shared their personal passions with the Graceland students in Poland.

And it’s for all of these reasons why Graceland is known in Polish as “szkoła z duszą”, the school with soul!