Espresso Yourself Café

Espresso Yourself Café

Some photos of people at our café

“The best coffee in town at the best prices in town.” That’s what many of our students say about our café. The Baristas work hard at making each drink according to each student’s love of the bean. But coffee is just a happy bi-product of the café environment.

“I come to class early, so I can sit, drink my tea latte and read my book. The café is so peaceful.” Marta – University Art Instructor

“I don’t know why more people in our neighbourhood don’t come to our café, there’s such a great atmosphere here.” Basia—mother of two

Espresso Yourself Café

“I tell everyone that you make the best double espresso in Krakow.” Marcin—father of teen student

“I look forward to hanging out in the café before class, during break and after class. There’s always so much fun and laughter, it makes me relax.” Marta – grad student

“The café lifestyle is the Krakow lifestyle, that’s why I love having the church meet here for worship.” Tomek—church planter

Whether it’s regular class break time or a special event put on by guests, the Espresso Yourself Café has the reputation for being “their place”! Who’s place? Students, visiting teams, people coming into the building for meetings or those coming for special events . . . basically anyone who happens to stop in for coffee, says that the Espresso Yourself Café is their place . . .that’s who!

Have you had your caffeine fix today?